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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Too far from any weekend!

Wednesday is such a dull day. Ok its halfway through the week, so you have Monday and Tuesday out the way, but its still 2 days til the weekend! I had a meeting this morning which went onto a business lunch, and it was pleasant but although 2 nice guys who came down for the meeting, they were hard work to keep a conversation going. After the meeting, I was ambushed by my boss to go into the "big house" for lunch because I would chat and break the silences. We were talking business and I mentioned our agility business and how we competed too and Hey Presto! The quiet one suddenly perked up and the conversation flowed. Turns out he loved Collies! Its amazing how often my dogs get me out of awkward situations!

Fern is working today through til 9pm and Rog not home for a while so I have had a total dog hour. Lily & Olli are in for a bit and I have just been doing some basic tricks with them both for a bit of fun. They work so well together I reckon I could do a good turn at a local Womans Institute evening or maybe a primary school talk. They were synchronised doing lefts & rights then downs and all those silly but useful behaviours we teach from a puppy. Now both asleep by my feet while I write this, and I realise that I don't care what day of the week it is. Every day is a "thank god for dogs" day in my book.

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