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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Sometimes the General public surprise you.

Just a quick blog really.

Fern & I decided this afternoon we would take Cove down to the town. We needed a few things to add to our wardrobes for tomorrow night, and Sidmouth is a small seaside town so not too much of a shock for a new young dog. He was really good! The sea was rough, and as we first walked along the prom, the waves were making a heck of a noise as they dragged the pebbles back out to sea, and although Cove stopped and looked, he instantly took it in and carried on walking along beside Fern, very confident. He spotted a few other dogs walking along and was interested but not overly. We then went into the High Street and he sat beautifully with me while Fern went into a shoe shop. 2 dogs walked by and he wagged his tail, looked interested, (especially in a Shitzu, the likes of which he hadn't seen yet!) and the an old lady came along with her husband, looking straight at him and starting to coo. I was expecting her to rush in all gushy but she actually asked if it was ok to say hello! I said yes, and as she did, Cove was very sweet but then went to jump up. I corrected him and she said "Oh it doesn't matter" and just I thought she was just like most "non dog" people she added "Oh I'm sorry, of course it matters to you. It is not whether I mind its whether you expect him to sit. I apologise"......!!!!!!!!

Restored my faith in human nature.

After that, Fern was sat with him when a young child came over, stopped a few feet short and asked Fern very politely if he could say hello!!! What a breath of fresh air. A child who has been brought up in the right way to approach dogs. Hallelujah!!!!

Cove was a star, but I expect nothing less.

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