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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas day walk.

Happy Christmas to all my followers. Its been a fun and relaxing time, with too much food, but the training starts in earnest in the New Year.

Rog bought me a Wii fit as one of my presents, so we have all started getting fit in a fun way already!! Cove even has his own profile so we can weigh him etc and he appears in some of the games. So clever technology.

We walked off some of our grub on Christmas Day with the dogs, and it was a beautiful day. Cove is really one of the gang now and such fun. He is getting quite cheeky with Lily but still has a lot of respect for her. Olli is his best mate because he is such a gentle dog who has taken Cove under his wing, but Lily is the intriguing one he just wants to get to know more, and she is starting to be very good with him.

Boxing Day I took off for a few hours with Olli and left Rog & Fern preparing dinner for us and 5 other friends. I felt guilty for a while, but I was soon enjoying working my dog and after just an hour he had picked up 5 pheasants and 2 woodcock!! He was amazing, and we had a lovely morning.

Oh well, back to the food & drink. It is Christmas still!! Dogs enjoyed their turkey dinner, had a lovely walk this morning and are now all sleeping in the lounge while we do next to nothing. In 2 days time we will be flat out working again and have no time for relaxing so I am going to make the most of time with Rog & Fern and all the dogs.

Keep safe, be happy and enjoy being with ones you love. Its so important to appreciate what you have around you. x

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