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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Shooting in the sunshine.

A gorgeous bright sunny day, although thermals, hats & scarves were a must.
Olli had one of his best days ever. 5 birds in the first drive, all very well hunted and retrieved.

He was so happy all day, standing for hours on end, just watching the skies and the valleys, waiting for the next retrieve. Apart from that independent tongue of his, sticking out the side of his mouth at every opportunity, he looked very smart as he stood in front of me all day, waiting for my commands. He is such a special boy.
I happened to catch a moment while I was looking at the countryside, of his mum Polly. Stood proud and alert in front of her dad, just waiting and watching. So similar. Olli is definitely his mums son, and this was even more obvious later in the day. A guest guns labrador, came running along the track, and as he passed Olli and me, Olli took a quick side swipe. He may be the nicest natured dog but not when another dog gets within 2 feet of his mum and those pheasants in her hand! Poor Labrador looked quite upset as he carried on his way.
Half an hour later, I was looking across the field and happened to spot the same lab, trotting across to his owner, within a few feet of Polly and John. She snapped and told him he was too close to her dad and birds, in an almost identical way!
Some things are obviously hereditary.
Thanks Polly for giving me such a lovely boy.

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