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Friday, 4 December 2009

Tiring week.

Haven't had much time to blog. Family health issues have taken up some time over the last week, work is busy, still managed to do a few days dog training, and half finished decorating my lounge.

Its the preparation that takes so long but its starting to take shape. Want to be finished for Christmas!! It does look pretty bare at the moment with all my rosettes packed away, all the photos of the dogs taken off the wall, and no curtains, but it will be worth it in the end. Cove doesn't help much! He kept running away with bits of paper, and showed a great interest in painting, but managed to stay black & white which is a miracle!

Last weekend we did a small agility test, and both Lily & Olli had double clears in the grade 3-5 jumping, with Lily picking up 3rd and Olli unplaced. Their agility rounds showed up a couple of winter training points to work on, but they were very good. Both dogs are so fit, and have become mad keen agility machines over the past weeks. I am having trouble keeping up with them now, not just physically but mentally! They know more than I do, or at least they think they do.

Still on the patches, and hope to start running next week so 2010 could be our year.

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