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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Ollis day

Well what can I say. After last weeks non event, and the week I've had, I really needed a nice day out with Olli shooting today to chill me out. The first drive, no birds near us and the second drive the same. I was starting to feel like crying. I had my gorgeous boy, keen eyed at my side and no work for him to do. Then on the 3rd drive one of the old pickers up, who works an equally aging but very good labrador, asked me to bring Olli in the pen where he was as there were some good birds coming down and too many for one dog. I did, and Olli finally started to pick up some birds. He found 2 runners, and then another 3 birds came down and he actually worked independently, just dropping them back to me while I tied up the birds with the other guy.

The next drive, picked up one bird and then we had to walk 2 fields back as a bird had been hit but drifted on across the valley. I sent him off and sure enough he found it and came back to me proud as punch.

After lunch we were in the perfect place. 2 guns in front of us, both good shots and 7 pheasants between them. Olli collected them all beautifully and brought them straight back to my hand.

Both of us covered in mud, but very happy walking side by side along the track back to the truck. He is such a joy to own and I love him so much.

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