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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Another weekend passed.

Well it was a pretty wet, windy, muddy weekend all round!
Saturday the rain held off most of the day, but the wind didn't and the mud was pretty deep. Olli managed to slop through it and collect 11 pheasants though, and worked well as usual. Fern came down in the afternoon and brought Dave to see what he thought. Not bothered by the guns at all, but he only stood with me & Olli for a while as we didn't want him to meet all the other gundogs off their leads. He would've kicked off big time!! Still, he was very good and maybe he can come more often and do some beating soon.
Sunday we had a muddy car park to negotiate but a nice big indoor arena for our first indoor show of the year. Olli was a bit mad and although he did some amazing contacts, and got his weaves every time at speed, he didn't manage a clear round as he fell for jump traps, and then forgot what a tunnel was!!
Lily only had 2 runs. I trained her Agility run, not for competition, and she did a fab recall through the weaves to start, followed by 3 totally nailed contacts so I was thrilled. In Senior jumping, which was quite trappy, she did a wild but fast clear round and was 2nd by just 2 tenths of a second!! Really pleased with that as she is only just senior at UKA, and its grade 5-6 equivalent.
Cove had his first show experience, and was bold, happy, confident and very interested in watching the dogs competing! He had loads of cuddles, met a few of his family and a lovely Border Terrier pup for a quick play, so a happy but tired pup by the time we got home.

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