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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Well winter has arrived with avengence this week. After a lovely mild spell, we have had gales, downpours and the temperature has dropped by miles, so I guess its really winter now!
The dogs all have Thermatex padded coats so are warm and snuggly. Cove doesn't seem to be bothered much by the rain, still going out for his pees and poops!
This week he has been for his first few walks in the fields with the others. He is growing fast and can now run and play with the bigger dogs in short doses. Amazing to watch his natural herding instinct come in, when he was watching Lily & Olli. Tried to round them up a few times!
Also his ears are starting to change and are now both half up, so his face looks different. This photo was after a wet walk yesterday! What a scruff!

Run the Course training tonight with Lily & Olli, then normal class tomorrow and a show Sunday. Lilys first Senior UKA show so will be fun to try more testing courses.
I am starting patches this week to try and finally stop smoking, so may be some grumpy blogs over the next few weeks!!


pete said...

very cute pup! i found your blog through blogger's 'border collies' interest.

Dani said...

Thankyou! He is the latest addition, and Border Collies are the best. :-)