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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Bit of a rough week

Well since last weekends highs its been a bit of a doom & gloom week.

Wednesday eve we did a rounds night, with Fern running Olli and me with Lily. Interesting courses but not too tricky overall. Lily was mad keen as usual, and we had 2 clears, followed by a 5 for a pole in the 3rd round, then 2 slightly silly fast and furious rounds where Lily decided she was in charge, but it was good fun. Olli didn't make it around a single course, being very naughty on his contacts, and weave entries. Only 1 other person had 1 clear round though so I was fairly pleased.

Thursday a guy at one of the mills Rog works at had a bad accident involving an electrical explosion. He is lucky to be alive, but has a long road to recovery after receiving 30% burns to his face, chest and hands. He was rushed to the special burns unit where he will be for a while. Rog very shaken, and I was thanking god that it wasn't Rog. Does make you realise that working with industrial electricity as Rog does, it not the safest of jobs.

Saturday was a different day shooting. Once a season we put on a day for the estate owners, so that all the "Toffs" can have a day. It was hilarious really. All these extremely polite, well spoken "Gents" in beautiful attire, some with wives & children also dressed in tweeds etc, but most of them couldn't hit a barn door let alone a pheasant with a strong wind behind it!! Poor Olli was so frustrated! He kept watching birds fly over, heard the gunshot then couldn't understand why they weren't hitting the ground somewhere! He did make me laugh as drive after drive there were no birds to pick up, and he kept yipping in frustration. The very last shot before lunch, did manage to hit the target and the bird came sailing down to land no more than 10 feet from me. Olli picked it up and held it looking at me in disgust. I giggled lots. Luckily after lunch we had a few good shots and he managed to run and pick up 6 birds, including 1 which he managed to nick off a passing labrador. The labrador is not very obedient and had run through Olli's ground to pick up the bird. On his way back, Olli growled, the dog dropped the bird and Olli claimed it as his. So funny. Would love to know what was going on in his head.

Today we have delivered another dog walk and Rog is still working in the mill repairing damage from the blast on Thursday. Quiet day, bit subdued but a good job we have these lovely dogs of ours, including one very funny puppy to keep us sane.


Kirsty said...

I hope the guy who got burnt is recovering OK, how awful and scarey :o( x

Dani said...

He is a lot better day by day thanks Kirsty :-) x