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Monday, 16 November 2009

Lilys first grade 4 show.

What an appalling day Saturday was!! Storms arrived about 4am and woke us up. The wind was reaching frightening speeds, the rain was in bursts of torrential downpours and the whole house shook. We were meant to be setting off to Dartmoor for our first Grade 4 competition, but people were being warned to stay at home unless the journey was essential. Dartmoor is high, and very open, with its own weather system so it was bound to be 10 times worse there!................so we set off at 7am as planned. It was an awful drive, and I kept my speed down, fighting the wind and rain, so we arrived late and I had missed walking our first class. I watched about 10 dogs to try and suss out the course, but they all went wrong so that wasn't helping my nerves. It was a tricky course, but I eventually set Lily up on the start line, and crossed my fingers. She was a star, I was determined and we had a fast clear, taking us straight into the lead where we stayed! 1st place in her first G4 class. I was thrilled. The agility was an easier course, and Lily flew round again, doing lovely contacts, which I quick released and she went into the lead. We were pipped to the post by a lovely run by a neater collie, but 2nd place was still an amazing result.

Well worth the journey, and getting soaked to the skin.
Olli did some lovely runs but in both classes he missed his weave entry. Naughty Spaniel!!

Sunday we had a relaxing day, walked the dogs to chill out and Cove showed off his herding skills! Little boy is very adventurous, and confident so I think the long line will be staying on for a while yet.

Great Dogs, great weekend.

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