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Thursday, 17 December 2009

1 week to go!!!

Not had much time to Blog, so apologies for those that read it.

Just been such a busy time!!

Well last Saturday the shooting was poor. Things are changing and I am sad to see it , but Olli still had a fabulous day working, oblivious to the politics and BS going on in the human world. One particularly good retrieve, having to drop down a bank into a lane, through a fence and then find his way back up and through to me. He has really started to mature and grow in confidence.

Been busy battling brushes, wallpaper paste and Homebase, but finally finished decorating my lounge yesterday, with a lot of help from Fern to finish it. It looks so smart, and my 2 lovely dogs, Lily & Olli have a wall of fame now, centre stage on the main wall. They deserve it after the year we had.

Last night we had our own mini Olympia at a different and rather posh venue!! Lots of Christmas statues etc to put the dogs off course, (and handlers!), tinsel everywhere and music through the tannoy. It was such fun. 8 dogs of varying standards doing 5 courses over the evening, with some tricky angles, traps and entries. I was thrilled with Lily who had 3 clears out of 5. We matched Matt & Bailey with 3 clears, and Lauren had 2 with Reef, but he was a good boy and didn't take a single pole all eve! Father Christmas by the seesaw was too much of a distraction though! Cove watched for over an hour with great excitement. However he focused quickly on Fern, played games, sits, downs, lefts, rights whilst his manic Father was screaming around the course. He is such a lovely boy. Met other new dogs and people too without a turn of a hair.

Tree going up tonight, last bits of shopping to do tomorrow and then start to wind down. I love Christmas, and it will bring a well earned rest, even if I am cooking dinner for 8 people, and 6 dogs! That's my type of relaxation!

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