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Monday, 29 June 2009

Our first Grade 3 show.

A fab weekend in gorgeous sunny weather & good company was had by all at Lansdown Bath this weekend. Camping on the racecourse is really lovely, and so many miles to walk with the dogs. Friday was a bit of a trek up there as Glastonbury festival was on and the traffic was pants, but it was worth the trip.

Saturday at 7am I went for a run with the dogs around part of the course and it was bliss. Warm sunshine, slight mist, hot air balloons in the sky above us and I felt good. Dogs were both in great form too. Lily was a star and got placed 8th out of over 200 dogs in her 1st Grade 3 agility! Would've been even better if I hadn't mucked up the A ramp by hesitating so she stopped for a second when she needn't have, but all my fault, and 8th is brilliant. Olli was still being fun and fast but forgetting his weaves so no clear for him. Saturday we went to a lovely pub by the course and celebrated Jos birthday with a good meal and a few beers! I stayed pretty sober as I wanted to have a clear head for Sunday. I am getting sensible in my old age!

Sunday was another scorcher & Olli still couldn't get it quite right, but Lily had an amazing round and was 5th in Grade 3 jumping!!!! Really thrilled with her.

Watching the Grade 6 and 7 handlers in the Crufts qualifier was an eye opener though. I think it will be a year or 2 before I can even hope to be there! Fantastic to watch though and some incredible dogs.

Jo had 4 clears with Jess and 4 "stayed in the ring runs" with Jed so overall a successful weekend and I cant wait until Friday when we are off to Tuffley.


Mark Laker said...

sorry I didn't get to catch up with yu and Fern at the weekend I was hoping to have a chat with you both. I heard Fern had a catch up with Flint.

Pleased you had a good weekend we had a good Sunday's competing too.

Dani said...

Thats ok Mark. You were busy and we did watch a couple of your rounds. Fern did have a cuddle with Flint though. I completely forgot your bottle at Yeovil and its been opened now! Woops! Will catch up for a drink at one of the shows I hope. The way Lily is going I may be up with you guys one day!