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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Grade 3 dog!!!

Phew what gorgeous sunny weather, and what a weekend!
Travelled to Wye Valley for the weekend and our 3rd KC show since moving up to grade 2. It was a lovely venue and we camped right on the bank of a river. It was idyllic, and a godsend to have the river to keep the dogs cool.

The weekend started fairly bad, with Olli forgetting how to weave in sequence, and Lily knocking a pole in agility, and then me handling her badly in a box so she took the wrong fence in jumping. Jo had some trouble keeping Jess focused in the heat, but at least Jed stayed in the ring. Huge improvement from Cornwall. Fern & I had fun in the pairs, but Olli again forgot his weaves, so just Lily went clear. My last run of the day was grade 2 agility, so I concentrated on my handling, Lily went like a dream and blow me we won!!!! Grade 3 dog already!!! I was thrilled and really couldn't believe it. My girl did me proud and it was the perfect end to the day. Bless Fern & Jo for buying me a bottle of bubbly to celebrate that evening. The dogs all went for a well deserved cool off & play in the river, and even Dave discovered he could swim, (by accident).

Sunday was another tricky day, with Jess being in one of her "oh I dont know if I can be arsed" moods, Jed still staying in the ring but not really focusing 100% yet, though he is still a baby, Olli remembered his weaves entry in sequence................then fell out half way along!! Lily got distracted and missed a weave entry, but managed a good clear round in Grade 1 - 7 jumping. Not placed, but then some of those high grade dogs are just unbeatable, and a clear round in a fast time was good enough for Lily.

Things to learn after this weekend?

1. Keep practising weaves in sequence with Olli.
2. Be more positive with my directions for Lily.
3. Put suncream on more often!
4. Dont send Jo & Fern shopping ever again!!

My goal for this weekend is to gain enough points at UKA to move Lily up to Novice. Will try our best!!


Kirsty said...

Well done again! Must be getting pretty crowded in that trophy cabinet :o)

Dani said...

Yes it is!! Thanks Kirsty. Still hasn't really sunk in. X