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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Another 2 goals reached!

My goal to get Lily to Novice at UKA was achieved this weekend. 2nd in Snooker on Saturday followed by a 2nd in Agility. Really nice runs and she was full of beans. This meant enough points to move up to Novice for Sunday.
Olli then took me by surprise and got 3rd in Snooker & 3rd in Agility! It was only 2 weeks ago that I said it would be so good to get a clear in Agility with Olli and now he has 2 and both top 3 places! My only other goal was for dear Olli to get a 1st place. He had never yet won a trophy and had lots of 2nds, so a big red "1" would be good.

Sunday Lily tried her 1st Novice jumping course and got 2nd! less than a tenth of a second behind the winner. Such a lovely round though and she was on fire, and I was actually concentrating and handled it well.
Then Olli did it. He won the Gamblers class! A lovely crystal goblet and that elusive BIG RED ONE !!!!!! Also putting Olli in Novice for the Nationals next month. What a fab weekend it turned out to be. Fern went on to get a stunning round in Steeplechase and placed 4th with Olli too.

Dave was a lot better behaved and we did a lot of small bursts of focus work by the car, not taking him too near the rings, and he was great. Definite improvement every time so well done Dave.Poor Lily ripped a dew claw whilst competing which she made worse yesterday morning whilst out in the field, so she had a small op to remove both claws in the morning, and was very groggy all yesterday eve. I was a bit concerned that she was so flat, but I needn't have worried. This morning she leapt on the bed, growling and chatting and trying to get me up. She hasn't touched her bandages at all either so she will be back on track for this weekend and our 1st grade 3 show. EEEEK!!!


rob said...

is novice grade 3 then?

Dani said...

In UKA you have Beginners, Novice, Senior & Champ. Totally different to KC levels.
Lily won into grade 3, 4 weeks ago at KC but Novice at UKA last week. :-)