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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Stop being a baby

Its Wednesday and I have had time to think about how fed up I was last weekend with getting 3 eliminations with Lily, and pull myself together. She is a dog with feelings and moods, not a machine, so she is not going to win every weekend! I also realised how I have changed at shows. I am more relaxed, but this isn't perhaps such a good thing. I used to play with Lil away from the queue and Fern would queue for me until it was our turn. Recently I have been queueing myself with Lily, who then becomes a bit subdued. She doesn't like being close to all the other dogs, and she also goes a bit flat so why should I expect her to suddenly switch on when I put her on the start line! We have had a lot of family discussions over this and I am going to the show this weekend with a different attitude.

On a really good note, Dave started foundation agility classes last night, and to Fern & I's total amazement he was a perfect pupil! He didn't go mad at the other dogs, he was totally focused on us and did every task beautifully. Its early days but if he can keep this attitude and improve just a small amount each week then maybe he has a future with us as a nice dog. Very pleased and surprised with the little toe rag!!

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Kirsty said...

Nice one Dani. At shows, just slap on a big smile and give your dogs a huge cuddle and you'll not go far wrong. It's a fun game. :o)