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Monday, 8 June 2009

UKA Weekend

Note my goal for the weekend, as set in my last post. "Get Lily up to Novice at UKA"
Well that didn't happen but amazingly, Olli was placed 2nd in steeplechase and moved up to Novice with Fern!!!!

I was thrilled. Also, I had said I would love Olli to get his 1st clear round in agility. He has not quite managed that yet, either missing his weaves or missing a contact, but he excelled himself and went clear on Saturday!! Not only clear but 2nd place too!

Lily was pretty slack on Saturday. Not really giving 100% for some reason and making silly mistakes, however on Sunday we tried the Gamblers. It would also be a good excuse to practice her contacts. Blow me down, she had a fab round, got the 15 second gamble and won!!!!
Olli also finished the weekend with a 3rd In jumping. Only 2 clears and he was fastest with 5 faults, but it was a great round and some tricky manoeuvres so he deserved his 3rd place.
Looking forward to Carn Brea this Sunday and see how Lily does at a KC show.

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