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Monday, 25 May 2009

Party time!!

Well its been a bit sad since Snuffles left us, but life goes on and Rog & Fern have both had important birthdays, and Lily & Olli have been stars at Devon County Show.

Its 1 of the biggest 3 day shows in the south and our club were asked to do demonstrations twice daily in 2 different rings on the show ground this year. It was fab fun and both dogs were so well behaved! You do take things for granted sometimes with your dogs and occasionally you need to sit back and think about just how well they adjust to situations.
Thursday morning, off in the car to the showground, marched through crowds of people to the ring & marquee where we would be based for 2 days. Horses, Llamas, Birds of prey, noisy tractors, ridiculous country bands on stage, BBC camera man filming us, hundreds of pushchairs and nosey children, people dressed up in costume, and Lily & Olli were amazing. We put their double cage in a stable next to our marquee and they made themselves at home. No barking or whining, not even when a Shire horse looked in over the door!!! There were lots of other dogs in cages around them yet Lily, who a year ago would've freaked, just sat back and enjoyed the whole 2 days. The displays themselves were great fun. Olli is a real crowd pleaser, and again both dogs had a whale of a time. The links should take you to 2 videos from the show, so enjoy.

Back to party time and Saturday we had a bit of a do for Rog 50th and Ferns 18th birthdays. It was great fun, with lots of laughs, lots of drink, enough food for an army and some great friends to share it with. JoJo came on her own from the other side of Devon! and it was great to see her.

She was deposited in bed around 2am by Fern as she could know longer function on her own, and then Rog, Me & Fern stayed up til 4am chatting to 2 young guys who also stayed, who were brilliant company! Sunday we rose at various intervals, with varying degrees of hangovers, but after the lads left we went to the seafront where we live, had a nice lunch and hair of the dog with JoJo before she headed off, then returned home and sat in the glorious sunshine and did nothing. What a lovely weekend. Did have some water fun with Lily to cool down in the afternoon but the other dogs all ran away!! She is a Water Lily!

Off to Wales this weekend to a 2 day KC show, and armed with new hairbands I aim to do well!! (Thanks JoJo!)

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