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Monday, 6 July 2009

Tuffley weekend.

A beautiful venue, a lovely show but one I will try to forget.
Poor Lily had to have a second operation to try and fix the hash that was made of the 1st one on her dew claws, so she was on lead walking and a spectator this weekend. I still ran Olli but apart from 2 pretty good runs with 5 faults in each, the rest of the weekend he was not very focused. May have been because my heart wasn't in it as I was so upset & worried about Lily, so I will not blame him completely, but it made me stressy so I apologise to people I was with for being a miserable cow. I just hope Lil recovers soon and is back on track.

The place was very pretty, in the grounds of Berkeley Castle, and I look forward to next year. We were also treated to a balloon festival a few fields away, which was quite a sight in the evening sun.

Not much else to say but big hugs to Lily Fudge and hope my little soul mate is feeling better soon.

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Kirsty said...

What an amazing venue. Big hugs to Miss Fudge Cake. x