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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Who is the top dog now?!!

We had a great, if not slightly soggy weekend at Tredegar House for Caerphilly show. Lily was fit enough to compete again after a month off, and she was a bit excitable to say the least!! She was not really focusing in the 1st couple of classes as she was so glad to be back, but she came good in the end. Her legs were wrapped in pink bandage just to protect them, but she was fine.

Olli was brilliant!! Fern ran him for the first time at a KC show in the G3 jumping and got 12th out of 260 dogs!! Pushed Lily out of the placings too, as he was tighter and faster!

Saturday night was a blast as we took on the 48 weave challenge for charity and a bit of fun. Didn't expect either dog to complete it really as they have never done more than 12, but they both did it and Olli was faster again, completing 48 weaves in 11.5 seconds!! Lily better pull her socks up.

Sunday she did manage a 14th in grade 1 - 4 Collie sprint out of 252 dogs, so she's still got it, and I'm sure as her fitness returns she will be winning again.
It was my Birthday weekend too, and I had a lovely present from JoJo. A gorgeous silver ring with purple stones, my favourite colour. She managed 4 clears with little Miss consistent Jess, and bless Jed, even with a small hole in his ear (thanks to Lily) he too managed the 48 weave challenge!

Off to the Agility Club show this weekend, then a whole week at UKA Nationals, by which time both dogs should know what they're doing! What a fab summer we are having.

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