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Sunday, 28 November 2010

21 days to go!

Freezing cold weather, a lot of snow and lots to do. Went shooting yesterday with Olli, but even with my thermals and 98 layers of clothing it was bitterly cold! Olli was too hyper, and after 2 drives of nothing for him to retrieve he was becoming very frustrated. I had a headache, Ferns toes were numb so for the first time ever we gave up and came home lunchtime. Not a good day.
While Fern and I were still wrapped up we decided to take the other dogs for a run, and I decided to take Twiggy with the others for the first time in weeks. I just felt that she had turned a corner so we would see what happened. Cove. Lily Dave & Twiggy, got to the field and we just let them go. I didn't even bother with the harness on Twigs, just hoping that I was right about her. They played and played in the snow, ran like nutters and then I noticed the first difference. Twigs was not chasing Lily and nipping as she always had before, but was just running around having a ball so I called her. She instantly turned and came to me!!! Played tuggy with real enthusiasm, even though the other 3 were charging around the field! I then got hold of her collar, (and she didn't flinch) and started to wind her up to go with our 3, ....2,.....1 routine. As soon as I released her she she ran in a big circle back to me and the tuggy! We all played various games, some toy rewarded and others food rewarded, and she suddenly looked so grown up. I was thrilled yet again with my little girl. I am now more fun to her than chasing and nipping the other dogs. It has been quite a week for Twiggy. :-)
Lily and I have an amazing relationship, and if I can get half as good a partnership with Twiggy, the world will be our oyster. Lily is in full season now, but this time is staying fit and well, and will be finished in perfect time for Olympia finals. Our magazine article came out this week too and my Lily was in there twice! Huge photo of her leading the page too, and a lovely write up. Can not believe Lily & me alongside the likes of Dawn Weaver in the same article!! Its surreal to me, and I am so looking forward to the whole experience now and intend to enjoy every second.

21 days and counting..................

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killergaf said...

All sounds like so much fun!! Can I come and live at your house please????? Great blog as always. You have a real flair for descriptive writing. XX