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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Bit of a week.

Well this week, Dave became an agility dog, Lily got a 4th in a Grade 6 jumping, Olli went lame, Becki has slowed down a bit more, Stan has been Stan, Cove has  grown a bit more in maturity, and Twiggy has developed more twitches again. I have decided to get her an appointment with a specialist now as its nearly 6 months since she arrived, and although she has grown, and developed into a fit young dog, she obviously has something wrong. Whether its something that she will just have all her life or whether its something we can fix, now is the time to find out. She will hate being prodded about but I will have to be there for her and make it as bearable an experience as possible. It may mean that she wont be able to compete at agility, and until I know for sure what is causing her problems I will keep her training to just basic targets, recalls, etc and continue to build our relationship. I love her so much and hate seeing her worrying with her legs so I have to do whats best for her.
Twiggy......Look into my eyes!!.....
This weekend is our last comp before Olympia, so Lily and me will then be chilling and training just our fitness for the big day. Walking, jogging and shutting out everything else so we have that bond which has taken us this far. I adore my Lily Fudge Cake. Olli is sound again so shooting Sat and comp Sunday for him, and Dave is competing again too!! Exciting but worrying times. Hopefully Twiggy will be fine, and as long as she is not in pain I will be happy, regardless of her future career! 

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sharon said...

hi dannie i am sure she will be ok maybe her background we don't know. keep us posted on wot they say and keep chin up x x x x x