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Monday, 22 November 2010

Great weekend and now the countdown begins!

Saturday shooting with Olli was a bit slow. Not his fault but it was the "estate" meet, so basically not our usual guns but the "toffs" and their children shooting for a day. Actually they were all extremely polite and with real manners which is always a pleasant change, but all their tweed, flash cars, personalised number plates and private education didn't improve their ability to hit a cows arse with a banjo!! Poor Olli was frustrated as he watched bird after bird sail overhead and keep flying, even though 50 shots went off!! It was a giggle tho, and he ended up with a bag of 9. 
Sunday we took part in our first agility club match. It was my last chance to run Lily indoors and with a crowd before Olympia, and another chance for Fern to run Dave. Lily was awesome, but is so fit, focused and fast now I had a job to be in the right place at the right time! However she won the jumping class by over a second, and was fastest in 2 other classes, but spectacularly took a pole in each as she tried too hard, and I wasn't quick enough with my cues. Olli had some great runs, and was 4th and 6th over the day. Dave was totally too hyped up on his first run, and Fern became very tense, so he didn't even take the first jump, just ran around the ring, so Fern picked him up and took him straight out. Its the only way. Thanks to Sarah, I did ask the show organiser if we could run Dave in 1 of the later classes, with the other ring on pause, and she was happy to do that. This time, fern brought him straight in, and he managed an almost perfect round, just 5 faults on Daves part. Its never going to be easy but we know we will get there.

So now that's it. Working this weekend, works party the following weekend, Cheltenham races the weekend after that and then Olympia. I am now more excited than nervous, because I have an amazing dog who may actually be capable of an upset, especially if I can keep focused too!! Don't discount my £50 farm collie. She has set her sights high :-)

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