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Monday, 6 December 2010

Lots of dogs, helps with the sad times.

Very odd today, delivering some agility equipment to a lovely couple near Salisbury who had a lovely tri collie girl. She is their only dog. As we drove away, Rog said what a lovely dog, but how strange only having one! This coming from the man who always said 2 was plenty. It made us both realise how much our assortment of dogs enrich our lives and how glad we are that we have a pack :-)
On Friday our oldest dog Becki suffered some type of siezure. She first appeared to go lame on 1 back leg, but in the space of 2 minutes had gone lame on all 4 before laying down in the snow and obviously looked very frightened. I carried her indoors and put her on her favourite chair, and after a few moments she relaxed and just went to sleep. Weird? Later that day one of my best, closest friends Jo came to stay, bringing with her JB Jasper Whippet. He is a gorgeous laid back but funny 11 month old boy, who fitted in with our lot immediately. Even Lily thought he was lovely (ok being in season may have encouraged her welcoming nature!) We had a lovely evening, laughed lots, talked dogs and drank a little too much but it was well overdue. Becki remained fine.
Saturday with a sore head, I went off with Olli to the shoot, while Fern & Jo walked the rest of the dogs and then went christmas shopping and ate too many chips and too much icecream! I was worried about Becki, and standing on a quiet hillside with Olli sat at my feet, watching those gorgeous dark brown eyes, that handsome gentle head, and the non stop waggy tail I reminisced about How Becki was the dog who taught me how to handle a gundog, how to work so closely with an animal, and how much devotion and strength, independence and love they give. I also thought about how we have such a mix of personalities in our gang, and how they have taught us so much. We dont command them, we cant make them do anything they dont want to do, if we ever try then the result will not be rewarding for them or us.
With Dave we didn't think "oh he is agressive and unpredictable, there is no hope" we decided to find ways of trying to overcome it, work with him and understand how his mind worked. With Twiggy I have learnt so much about dealing with the unknown, the weird triggers thats upset her, and I will never know why she does some of the things she does, but if I can encourage her to find fun in so many other behaviours and interactions, I hope the bad memories will fade. Lily was so nervous, so totally freaked out about other dogs in close vacinity, we never thought she would cope with the hustle & bustle of an agility show, but in 2 years she has gone to grade 6, is going to Olympia and has given me more successes than I ever dreamed possible.
Becki enjoying the fun in the snow last week.

Becki 2 weeks ago having a blast.
So it is sad to realise that Becki is probably starting the downward slope, she is growing old & tired, and her days of working and enjoying life on the farm are dwindling, but having so many other dogs that need us, will help soften the blow when the time comes. That is the only sad part of sharing you life with such wonderful animals, they are never here long enough. 


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You are so right about this and it is why I will never go back to only one dog or even just two dogs.