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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Another year ends.

It has been quite a year. So much has happened and so many memories and events to reflect on. January we started with a wall planner. Agility was now our life. February, we bought a van, my dogs "hotel on wheels", so we can travel with all the gang safely through the show season. March Lily went to Grade 5, April My brother had his first baby "Nathan" my first nephew in, May I fell in love with Twiggy, an Irish rescue collie, and we drove to Yorkshire to collect her, June Olli went to Grade 4, July My mum had a life threatening illness & life changing surgery & Lily went to Grade 6 & qualified for Olympia semis, August Fern won £200 at the Bingo at DINAS, September Cove was a year old, Lily & I won through the Olympia Semis & Olli won into Grade 5, October Olli slipped beautifully back into Gun Dog mode, and we bought Fern her first "dog" van, November Dave finally competed in his first show, and thrilled us all by focusing!  and in December, Lily & I competed without any shame at Olympia, getting just 10 faults, and Fern broke her arm!! During all these events I realised what a special group of friends had grown around me. Pat, Claire, Lolly, Sarah & Dan making me laugh and sharing so many important times with me, along with Chel & Joy, Fiona, Anne, and also the family that rescued and fostered Twiggy. Natalie Sharon Samantha & Chris Mitchell. My little Irish girl has brought us all together and i know we will be friends for a long time to come.
So many sad things have happened too. Friends dogs that have gone to Rainbow Bridge, some way to early. Other friends have lost relatives, others have become single, gone through divorce and it all makes you think how lucky you are.
We are ending 2010 with the worse bout of flu ever!! My first 2 days off work sick in over 10 years, and i have felt so low, but knowing what so many people I care about have been through, and the rubbish stuff that goes on all over the world puts it into perspective.
So thank you 2010 for what you have given me, and here's to 2011. I have a very good feeling about next year, a very good feeling indeed.
Happy New Year!!!


sharon said...

hi dani yet another lovely blog that has made me cry x x x x x x

Anne said...

Happy New Year Team Feroda am soo pleased to be able to call you my friends (and often think that i got more than just a dog walk that day ) You have made me laugh, cry, the nicest curry! and inspired me throughout the year x bring on 2011 love you all x x