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Sunday, 19 December 2010

What a buzz, what a year!!

Well, I don't know what to say about this weekend. On Friday we had so much blooming snow that it looked like my Olympia trip was off. I was despondent, and to be honest gutted that I may not be going. Not because I am so competitive that i had to get there at all costs, but because Rog & Fern were so excited for me, my close friends were too and Lily deserved a trip to London after her year. So change of plans, a few phone calls and we set Saturday morning to a hotel in Camberley Surrey, with not just Lily, but Olli, Cove Dave & Twiggy! Figured if we could get out of our lanes, and make it to main roads, we may have a chance, and it was definitely not going to be safe to go with our original plan of leaving at 3am Sunday morning! It was one of the scariest journeys we have made for a while. Deep snowy lanes, then only single lanes opened on the dual carriageways, the Motorways only working on about 2 lane capacity, but we made it to the hotel. Beautiful apartment, but white duvets?!!! She did know we had 5 dogs with us!!! So we were a bit on edge and after a bite to eat we decided to go to bed early, try to sleep and set alarms for 5am.
The roads this morning were not too bad, and by 7am we were in the Olympia car park. Met up with Sarah & Dan and off we went to explore. I suddenly realised that i was not nervous. Here I was with Lily, at the biggest event we had ever been too, and i was buzzing with excitement! No butterflies, no feeling sick, no jelly legs just pure excitement! 
The whole experience was incredible. So many lovely people there, some old pros and others like me, Olympia Virgins, and as I set Lily up on the start line I was grinning like a Cheshire cat. If somebody had told me a year ago that i would have a grade 6 dog and run her at Olympia finals I would have laughed. We had 10 faults, a pole at the start which a lot of dogs had, and then I almost sent her wrong way so we got 5 for a refusal on the dogwalk, but she nailed all 3 contacts, was fast and amazing through the weaves, and she loved it!! I had tears of pride when she crossed the finish. I wouldn't have been happier if we had won. Hard to understand but its true. Lily has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined when I bought her as a scruffy puppy. Anyway, next year she will be back, along with the other 4!! Team Feroda will do Olympia. What a year. What a dog.


sharon said...

love it x x x x

Kirsty said...

V v well done on getting there and having a great time, fab! x

Jules said...

Well done on getting there, super whoop, whoops to both of you and here's to next year too :-) xxxx