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Friday, 7 May 2010

Out of my league!

Last weekend we had our 1st 3 day show, UKA Saturday & Sunday followed by Vyne on Monday. Lily was entered in the Masters Tournament on Sunday, and it was her first show at Champ. When I was stood in the queue for the Masters I noticed that most of the people in the same queue were either Grade 7 handlers, Olympia or Crufts winners, even some had been to World champs. I was pooing myself!!! Lee Gibson set the courses and judged, and it was a brilliant but tricky, trappy course, the type I had never run before. Lily did obstacles 1 to 7 brilliantly but fell for the tunnel trap and we were eliminated. However she completed the rest of the course too and I was more than happy. I had to run back to the caravan and grab Olli, run back whilst the ring party and judge waited patiently, and run Olli in the Novice jumping. Knackered before I started, he did a lovely clear round and won it!!! His first Jumping win and it was perfect. I then ran Lily in her first Champ agility and she was 4th! Brilliant end to the UKA weekend.

Monday at Vyne KC show, it was Lils first Grade 5 show and Olli had an ABC Olympia qualifier. Lily went clear in both jumping classes, no help from me in the 2nd one! Good that she is so genuine. Olli decided that it was far too exciting to stop on contacts so did a Superman impression off the seesaw in his ABC class and I took him out of the ring. He has 2 more chances to qualify over the next 2 months, and as Lily pinged her dogwalk contact too (Most unusual!!) we are busy training contacts for the next few weeks!!

Lily ended up being placed 21st in 1 jumping and 9th in the other. Initially I was a bit disappointed at 21st place, until it dawned on me that not only was it her first grade 5 show but there were 220 dogs in that class. She beat 199 other dogs! Sometimes you need to reflect and put things in perspective. Her 9th was a class of 100 dogs too so I am pretty pleased with my girl. Its only the start of the season after all.

A weekend off this week and out to celebrate Rogers birthday with friends Saturday. Lots of training to be done and look forward to our next show next week.

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