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Monday, 26 April 2010

Me & power drills, not a good mix.

Our first show without Rog this weekend. He had to work all weekend on a big project so Fern, Luke Me and the dogs set off for Cornwall Friday morning. I hate it when Rog isn't with me. I am very independent, and no baby, but he is my other half and things don't feel right when he isn't there. Anyway, we had a lovely drive down, no traffic and Rex behaved himself beautifully. Arrived to find we had been saved our fave camping spot by Pat, Claire & Lols and set up for the weekend. Me being the softy that I am, said Fern could drive Rex for the first time and go to Tescos to buy goodies. Her face lit up and she was gone in a flash! Her & Luke doing the shopping so I decided to just make sure the caravan legs were down properly. Rog had made me a tool for attaching to a drill to make life easier so I went round and checked all the legs, a quick flick of the drill and they were fine, until the last one. I bent down to put drill on the leg bolt, pulled the trigger and BANG!!! The drill spun out of my hand and the butt of it hit me at full speed in the eye. I landed on my butt on the floor of the awning, Lily & Olli came over to see what had happened and I could see stars. My eye started to swell and an hour later I had a shiner Frank Bruno would've been proud of!!
I didn't sleep well Friday after that, and Saturday I admit I was slightly off colour, and Lily could sense it. We had 2 runs and although the agility was a pig of a course that most grade 7 handlers would struggle with, we did get eliminated and in her jumping she also took a trap jump because I forgot to pull her through so a bad day. Olli however had a stunning jumping round to finish the day and ended up 14th out of 175 dogs.

Sunday, and after all my so called friends taking the mick as my eye colour matched my shirt, I decided to get a grip, my eye wont fall out, and Lily and me went for it. Grade 4 jumping she was amazing and we finished 2nd with another trophy for the cabinet! Agility, I handled her dog walk wrong so she slowed down before the contact, but we still ended up 4th. Really happy with her consistency. Olli spaniel had 2 fab runs, just taking a pole in the jumping, and forgetting the all important contacts in agility!! Naughty boy but I was thrilled that for 3 weeks now he has totally looked for his weaves from every angle and not missed them once. Contact training all week then!!

Apart from that, Cove had a reunion with his brother and sisters and had a fun time while Pat & I took lots of photos!! Claire won Jumping with Wren again!! and nearly threw up as they did the Agility results as she came 2nd in that too. Lols had a brill clear with Flynn at his 1st KC show and was placed 11th!!!, and finally and deservedly Pat & Mr Dooley won Grade 1 Agility to make the weekend complete.

Whats a black eye when you have such fun and such wonderful dogs around you. I had a fantastic weekend and apart from missing Rog, I had Fern & Luke looking after me and a lot of good friends to take the p%*s, and more rosettes and trophies. Perfect!!


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