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Monday, 12 April 2010

1 mad weekend before agility takes over our lives!!

After 2 weeks of shows to start the season, both amazingly successful, we had 1 weekend without a show because Cove was neutered so we had a weekend home to keep him quiet. Keeping a young, fit lively 7 month old collie quiet is not the easiest thing in the world though, but he has been so good, not bothering with his wound at all and the perfect patient.

As we were home we decided to pop out and see our close mates for a beer on Friday, which led to me opening my big mouth and inviting them all to ours on Saturday for a meal. It was a brilliant evening. We laughed so much my sides hurt, and ate and drunk probably a bit too much but it was so good to be surrounded by old friends and relaxing.

Sunday we had a gentle day (few sore heads) and washed the caravan, finished the new flooring, cut the grass and then did some training with the dogs in the field.
It was a lovely day, and we finished it by having my boss, (also our closest friends) in for an evening Sunday roast and a good giggle with a bottle or 2 of wine. John (my boss) bred Olli and has never seen any of his agility skills so we showed him a quick video of his last weekends runs and he was so impressed!! Funny how you can work with someone for 10 yrs, live next door to them but hardly ever get together socially! Silly really as we were good friends long before I worked for them, but time flies by and we all have different interests which take us down different routes. It was a great weekend though, and makes you realise just how important good friends are.

Off this weekend to a pretty big competition at Newbury so lets hope the dogs and me can get it right and keep up our great start to the season. I am sure of one thing, and that is that Rog, Fern, Luke me and my dogs will have a fun time whatever happens.

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