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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Introducing Twiggy.

I didn't expect to be writing a Blog this year about any new arrival, and I certainly never thought any new arrival would be a rescue, but then part of the fun of life is not knowing whats around the corner.
Meet Twiggy, Twiglet, previously Twix from Many Tears rescue.
I look at Many Tears site almost daily, and I "Ahhhh" and "Bless them" a lot as I work my way down the endless list of dogs needing a forever home, but last week I stopped dead on a picture of Twix. Initially because she looked so much like Ferns Cove, but then something just reached out from those eyes and went straight to my heart. I did nothing but 2 days later she was still haunting me. Before I realised I was completing an adoption form, speaking to people miles up North and at 3am yesterday morning, Rog and I set off to Brighouse West Yorkshire.
She is my dream dog. Obviously not taking the place of Lily, Olli or any of the others but it feels like she was born to be mine. We have a long road ahead, getting to know each other and encouraging her confidence and personality to shine through, but she certainly has found her forever home and you will be seeing a lot more of her and her progress.
Life is a mystery, and events over the last week have made me realise even more to grasp it and live it to the full. Its not a rehearsal, its a live show and every minute is precious.
Huge thanks to Many Tears and to the Mitchell family who fostered her for a month and have given her the love and courage to blossom. They are amazing people who will always be friends of ours now.
What an amazing week!!!


yettontop said...

If I had been at home you could have stopped at my house - I live about 10 minutes from the Mitchells! So pleased that the little lass has gone to such a good home!

Dani said...

Thanks Bren. She is beautiful and perfect in every way bless her xx