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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Agility trivial info.

I was a bit bored today so I decided to use my mileage tracker to work out how many miles we have & will travel in total, just to agility shows this year.

So its early in the season as we didn't compete over winter, and so far we have clocked up 1207 miles, with the caravan and in the new van Rex. Between now and the end of August we will be travelling 3,804 miles around the UK!! I am not going to work out how much I spend on entries or camping costs, nor the amount spent on booze and rubbish food on these weekends, but at the current rate of diesel, and my vans MPG its around £618 of fuel alone! It would also be interesting to see how many miles we walk and run at the shows. Some of them are so spread out I probably walk 10 miles a day to and from the caravan! Add to that the amount spent on dogs leads, toys, treats just because you have to buy them, and the running shoes, shorts, waterproofs and colour coordinated polo shirts, fencing for the garden, poo bags, vetbed, ........ the list is endless. I think this year I should get a rebate on my council tax as we wont be living in our house more than 4 days a week for the next 5 months!!!

I do love agility so much.

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