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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Ying and Yang.

We set off on Friday, very excited as it was not only our first show of the season, but our first trip in Rex the van towing the caravan. 50 miles into the journey and something flashed past the van, not sure what it was but it smashed the front window of our caravan. We pulled into the next layby and assessed the damage. It was blown to smithereens (Weird word to spell??) so we taped up what we could with duck tape and continued on a bit subdued. Not a good start to the weekend. However it could only get better and boy did it get better!!

Olli had 3 clears from 5 runs on Saturday, picking up a 4th in Steeplechase with Fern. He had some lovely runs, and although still a bit inconsistent with weaves & contacts his speed and turns over jumps have much improved. Lily then had 3 clears. 6th in steeplechase, 4th in Agility and won the Gamblers!! A trophy on her first day back and I was over the moon. Sunday Olli managed another 2 clears and Lily had 4. 6th with Fern in Steeplechase, 2nd in Jumping on a tricky course which she ran beautifully, and 1st in Snooker, 1st in Agility!!! 2 more trophies and I haven't stopped smiling since. What made it all the more impressive was that I found out from the judge that in the Agility, the course time was 40 seconds, Lilys winning time was 31.20 secs and the second place dog had time faults in 42 seconds!! No other dog had a clear!!!

It couldn't have been a better start to the season and it was so nice to catch up with friends again, old & new, and meet people that actually read my blog too!

I think Lily Fudge Cake is starting to make her mark, and as she moved to Champ status this weekend, she deserves to be a dog in the limelight!!!

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