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Monday, 22 March 2010

No time but nearly show time!

I have been so busy recently, work in all directions, training a lot of extra classes, and just haven't had time to Blog but here goes a quick catch up.

Lily & Olli are both going well. Olli still having odd Spaniel moments and Lily having the odd blonde moment, not helped by her blonde handler, but both looking good for the start of the season. We have also entered some team events this year so Fern will be running Olli. She has run him in class and at a rounds night over the last few weeks and he runs really well for her, so looking forward to how they get on. Fern has also been training Dave at home and he is like a rocket! Very keen, and learning things so quickly we are determined to get his focus 100% so we can try him at a few competitions. If he will stop being a dog chaser, he will win a lot as he is a natural.

Cove is growing into a beautiful dog. Very sweet natured, only having a few little hang ups which we can work through. He hates being washed with a passion, and even unhappy with grooming but Fern will get there. Otherwise he is a happy bright young lad, who learns everything quickly and with enthusiasm, and have an idea he is going to be a star next year.

Rex the van is a godsend, and I don't know how I ever managed before. The dogs love it, we love it and we are looking forward to our first weekend away this Friday. Even the 2 old codgers will be coming everywhere this year so we have our entire family on the road!

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