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Monday, 8 March 2010

Introducing Rex!

After a really down period, wishing that we had done things differently when we were first together with our finances, Rog & I had a very generous offer of a small loan so we could buy the van we wanted for our dogs!! So excited we phoned K9 Cages to say we could go ahead after all and was amazed when they said it was nearly ready for us anyway, as they knew how much we wanted it and had told other people it was sold, so we needn't have panicked. There are some really nice people around.

Saturday morning at 3.30am!!! yes 3.30am, we set off to meet the van at Basingstoke station. He had kindly offered to meet us halfway (as they are based in Kent) and he would catch the train back to open up for work, hence the ridiculous time!! I was so nervous that we may have done the wrong thing, buying a van without testing it or seeing it first, but my face lit up as we drove into the car park and saw it. It is immaculate and perfect in every way!! I drove the 100 miles home, Fern in passenger seat, with a huge smile on my face. It drives like a new car. Finally my 6 hounds can travel in style & safety.

As its also been such amazing weather, we have been walking the dogs a lot with camera on hand and managed a few lovely shots of them enjoying themselves. Lily finally getting fit again, Cove is growing fast, now the same size as Lily, and Dave has been proving what an amazing agility dog he could be. All we have to work on is his social skills and we will have a champ I'm sure!

Not long now until our first show and with Rex to travel in I am even more excited than ever!!

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