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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Shooting season week 2.

Well I was on my own this week. Fern had to work, Rog had loads of equipment to carry on and build so it was Olli and me who set off in gorgeous sunshine yesterday morning for our second shoot of the season.
It was a crisp, beautiful sunny Autumn morning and Olli was as keen as ever. He spent the morning by my side, eager and alert and picked up some lovely birds bringing them straight back to me. The last drive before lunch and there was a flush of birds. 20 - 30 pheasants took off across the valley towards us and Olli showed his true ability. First bird he brought back as quick as a flash, 2nd bird again, and then whilst I was tying the brace together he went away again, returned with another bird, plonked it next to me and went to get the 4th. That is what does it for me. Olli does not need my direction, or whistle commands, he knows what to do and he just gets on with the job. I was so proud.

Lunchtime was spent sat on the grass, sharing a sandwich and then I groomed him to remove all the sticky buds and thorns before setting off for the afternoon.
12 birds again was his total, and he was again my best boy.


yettontop said...

No wonder you are so proud of him! I bet the others were envious of your little dog!

Dani said...

They are a bit, but I am just happy that he enjoys doing what a spaniel should do, so much!