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Sunday, 11 October 2009

An exciting weekend.

Well what a great weekend and its not quite over yet.
Saturday morning I got up and whilst Fern made the sarnies, I got all my best gear on, loaded the car and with a very excited Olli we set off for the first days shooting. He was a little over excited and a bit vocal when we started, but he soon remembered his gundog manners and settled down. The first drive was slow but then a bird was shot and landed in dense undergrowth across from us. A hard retrieve for Olli as his first for 10 months, but without hesitation he shot through the brambles, and after a minute of rustling he appeared along the hedge with the bird and brought it straight to me! He was so pleased with himself and I was pretty pleased too as I was concerned that 6 months as an agility dog may have changed him. I needn't have worried as he continued the rest of the day, beautifully obedient, enthusiastic and ended with a total of 12 birds. One stunning one which he watched and took off after at great speed, right across a huge hill and into a hedge, and it was a runner so he had to be quick to pick it up. Even the Gun who had shot the Bird commented on what a superb retrieve it was.
Great day.
We got home and after settling Olli down with his warm coat on and a large tea, we set off to pick up Ferns new puppy Cove. It was exciting but in a way sad as we drove him away from his Mum & siblings, but he was so good in the car and soon settled at home too. Fern is still smiling, and Cove has been playing lots, sleeping lots and generally wasting a lot of our time!

He is going to be a beautiful addition to our family and we look forward to his progress.
All happy, all tired but a lovely weekend.


yettontop said...

Great Blog Dani! Love hearing about Olli's days as a proper gun dog - and now little Cove to watch grow up too!

Dani said...

Thanks Brenda. Keeping shooting a bit quiet on the forum!! Its best I think :-)

UpAndOver said...

Hi Dani & Fern
Well done for Oli - it must be brilliant working a dog like that.
Cove looks full on but adorable - half brother Devo sends his love.
Catch up soon.