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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Exciting times!!

Its just a few more days to go before the weekend, and this weekend is going to be very eventful. Saturday is the start of our shooting season, so Olli will be doing his stuff. He has already been watching the skies and marking every bird he sees all week! Its weird how they know when its nearly time. Do they read our minds, or is it just the change of weather or hours of daylight that they read? I would love to know because he 100% knows whats coming!
Sunday we finally pick up the new addition to our dog family. Ferns first dog of her own, Devongem Hidden Cove will be coming home Sunday afternoon. 6 weeks old and obviously going to be an interesting and gorgeous addition to the gang. The week seems to be going so slowly!
Training tonight, tomorrow and Friday with Lily so that will help the time go I hope!
Puppy pics will be here next!

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