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Monday, 26 October 2009

First grade 4 show.

Just a quick update. After a fab week with the dogs, and a good day saturday shooting with Olli, we had our first show since Lily won into Grade 4 this Sunday.
Lily was a bit OTT so blasted the wrong way in the agility, but having settled down a bit after that early exuberance, she went on to get 3rd in the 4/5 Jumping, which I was thrilled with. Some tricky bits and she actually tightened her turns, and listened really well. She also had a fast clear in another jumping class, but missed out on the places, as they went to 4 and she was 5th! Still a good round.

Olli & Fern had a great day, with 5 faults in Jumping, then 4th in Agility & 6th in the other jumping class! Really good results from both dogs. Good end to a great week.

Lily also recieved her certificate in the post this morning. Agility Warrant Bronze!!!! Very happy with that.

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Kirsty said...

Congratulations Lily FC AWB :o) Brilliant!! x