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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tarka Show

A new show and it was a lovely day, and a lovely venue. Once we had found it!!!

The sun shone and the dogs had a lovely day. Lily was on top form, and fastest yet. She seems to have found 5th gear and its really good to see. Only trouble is, she had 3 runs and knocked 1 pole in all 3! She had the fastest time again in the jumping, so would've won it for the 2nd week, and I think she would've been fastest in agility too, but I was too gutted to check that one. But as she has now found her confidence, and her speed I know its just a matter of time before she will be winning. She just needs to adjust her legs to keep up! Her contacts were amazing though, finally stopping dead on each one until I released her, so months of training and patience do pay off. Such a confident, genuine, loyal little girl. I couldn't ask for much more.
Olli had a spaniel day as it was on farm land, and sniffed the floor before the weaves on both jumping & agility, so he missed his entry. However he did a lovely clear with Fern in the steeplechase, so not too bad for him.

To finish the day of on a perfect note, we were sat at home in the garden, when the farmer shot a pigeon in the field behind us. Lily crapped herself and ran indoors, but Olli stood stock still, looked at the skies then at me, just pleading for me to let him go and see. I took him out the gate and sent him in the field telling him to go find it. Instantly, the mad arsed, noisy, wriggly agility dog went into stealth mode. Steady and methodical, he swept the field, side to side, nose to the ground while I watched from the gate. Within a minute he found the bird, right at the top end of the field and carefully picked it up and brought it straight to my hand. It brought a tear to my eye as he proudly trotted next to me back into the garden with a look of total satisfaction on his face. Multifunctional, incredible, talented and handsome are just 4 of the words I could use to describe my Olli. He changes hats and does both jobs beautifully.
Shooting season starts in 4 weeks boy.

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