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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bromsgrove DTC

The second to last show of our season and it was beautiful sunny hot weather. Lily was a bit off colour when we left but she was brighter on Saturday and fine Sunday. We managed a 6th in Grade 3 jumping, with Fern & Olli picking up 11th in the same class. Lovely to have both dogs placed in the same one.

Olli did a lovely agility round and we ended up 12th, so he is really getting the hang of it now.

He also had a fabulous 18th out of over 300 dogs in 1 - 7 jumping!!

Sunday Lily did a perfect round, in Grade 3 agility, stamping on her contacts, sliding to the end of the seesaw, and swimming through the weaves. 3 jumps to go and I miscued her for a pull through so she caught the pole. 5 faults in 33.52 seconds. I was so cross with myself, but even more so when I discovered the winning dog had a time of 36.90 seconds!!!!! Lily was over 3 secs faster, and placed 11th with her 5 faults. What an idiot I am. I actually cried with frustration, and promised I would find her a better handler.

This weekend is our own show and I am more nervous than ever before. Lets hope I can do my dog justice. Olli is just Mr reliable! He will be a real star as he speeds up as his confidence grows.
2 weeks and he will be collecting pheasants in his other job.

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