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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gillingham Show

Hi all who read my blog. Not many shows left now, apart from Bromsgrove this weekend, and then our own club Devon Dogs and Honiton Dogs combined weekend. Beginning to think that grade 4 with Lily will be next year now, but my goal for this year has been achieved anyway, as Grade 3 is what I was aiming for. To be honest, now she has got her confidence and speed I feel I need to improve my handling a bit to be able to compete in Grade 4 anyway.

This weekend we were away at Gillingham, and both dogs had some lovely runs and both came home with more ribbons. Lily had a wild but clear round in Grade 3-5 agility, which earned her a 12th place out of 190 dogs, so very pleased. Olli had a brilliant round with Fern to gain 7th place in Grade 3 agility, which is his highest place yet! Lily then had a more controlled round in Grade 3 jumping and just missed out on a trophy, getting 4th place, and Olli had a clear in the same ring but unplaced. He still needs to speed up but his confidence is growing so it will come.
He did speed up on Sunday and got 19th in jumping out of 190 dogs. A successful weekend, and the weather stayed warm & sunny for us too.

Dave was very well behaved, even managing to sit quite near an agility ring, without going off on one every time the seesaw clunked, or dogs whizzed over the dog walk! All in all it was well worth going.
The shooting season starts in 4 weeks so I will be updating Olllis progress as a star gundog, providing he remembers that he needs to be quiet! Barking and squealing like he does at agility will not be appreciated in a Devon valley, waiting for pheasants to fly over! I somehow think he is smart enough to know the difference though.

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