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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Roseland show & Game Fayre

Last weekend was quite funny after being at 2 of the biggest shows of the calendar, but it was lovely and the 2 courses we had were both nice & interesting.
Lily was a star but I wasn't. I set her too close to the first jump in the jumping so she took the pole. After that she was flying, had a stunningly fast round, and we found out afterwards she had beaten the winning dog by over a second!!!!! Lesson learnt. Set her up further back even if I have to ask people to move!!

In the agility, she nailed her contacts, now something she does almost without thinking, but I was too relaxed and didn't give her enough direction to the cloth tunnel so she missed it. My fault again as it was on a tight turn, but she flew around the course and for the first time ever she did one footed weaves!!! Her confidence is brimming over now and I love her to bits. Such a fun dog to run.

Olli bless him, managed 9th in the jumping, which was a lovely round and he got his weave entry fast and focused. In the agility I missed a jump so he did too, and back jumped it. Otherwise a lovely round, with again a fab weave entry and good contacts. Fern then ran him in Juniors and he finished 2nd!!
A good day with some silly errors by me, but none from my wonderful dogs!
This week localish again in Mid Devon so I am going to try better!

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