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Monday, 12 December 2011

Another year nearly over.

Its odd not going to shows, so I am not filled with enthusiasm of events and stories I want to tell, hence my telling off this week for not writing my blog!
Thats not to say my life is boring in any way, but not necessarily very interesting for anyone else to waste time reading. 
So, Lily, Olli & Cove finished training at the beginning of the month, so they have a complete 6-8 week rest from agility now. Twiggy & George had a bit extra to do, but they are the real babies, so hadn't really had the full season the others had. I finished Twiggys season off with a fun night at Stretcholt with Lauren and the gang. We decorated the jumps with tinsel, the weaves were covered in tinsel, there were blow up Santas sitting by some of the jumps and the Christmas music was blaring out from the stereo! Mince pies, non alcoholic drinks and far too many chocolates made for a really interesting and different nights training. Last time we were there a month ago, Twiggy was scanning the arena, slightly concerned with the other dogs being there, and I was still aware that I was babying her. This time she was a different dog!! First run, and she was so excited on the start line. A lovely focused, determined clear round with great weaves and stop 2o2o contacts!! No scanning, no fear and I ran her like I should do. She is not a scared rescue dog any more and I have to remember that :-)
I also took Georgie in for a bit of environment training, and he was great fun. Playing tuggy, practising waits, and not in the slightest bit worried by the noise and strange men in red suits!! Lauren suggested trying a small sequence with him, a few small jumps to tunnel and jumps out again, so I did and he held his wait, and did it! Such a happy confident boy, who I know I am going to have a lot of fun with. He has 1 more training workshop tomo evening and then the dreaded op, before he joins the rest of them for a fun relaxing Christmas & New Year.
We have started doing normal things like Christmas shopping, visiting our friends who dont do agility, having friends over to ours and its fun. We sold Nellie our old caravan on Ebay this week, and got more than we expected so very happy with that! We are also going to deliver her to her new home, which will be our last trip out with the old girl.

Talking of old girls, Becki our oldest dog suffered a small stroke yesterday. She is about 15 yrs old, and a gorgeous girl, who on Friday was running me a merry dance as she hunted out a 22 acre field and the cover beyond, putting up about 25 pheasants! Fern had to take Cove, Lily, Dave & Twiggy home while George Olli and me hiked across the fields to get her. 
However she was off balance and confused yesterday morning. She ate her breakfast with her normal enthusiasm, and then I settled her on the sofa and she slept. I didn't rush her to the Vets  because I knew what was going on, and I was starting to think the time had come, so if I took her to the Vets she would not be coming home. She was fine but wobbly, so this morning I took her in, dreading the visit but knowing that without quality of life it is only me who can help her. She trotted down the garden path, excited to be going out in the van, her little stumpy tail wagging furiously. She trotted in the Vets, tail still wagging. After a thorough examination the Vet actually told me that she was so healthy, (apart from her lumpy bits, and her slightly manky teeth)
and she had suffered a mild stroke but a jab to help the nausea, and some tablets to help with the blood flow to her brain and she was in no way ready to be despatched just yet!! Becki then mugged her for treats, and was in no rush to leave the consult room until she saw a young cocky Hungarian Vizla in the waiting room. She strutted out, made herself as tall as possible and did what Becki does best. A very low grumble and a stare that says "I am in charge" and the Vizla stood back. Thats my girl, and all the time she is still there in spirit she will be by my side.
As I write this, the weather is violent outside, and all 8 dogs are snuggled up in the lounge with us in the warm, and I look at all of them and worry how much I would miss each and every one of them. For now though they are all fine.
Christmas just around the corner and I am starting to get very excited. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!


nellie-bean's blog said...

Glad to hear the old girl is still kicking a**, bless her.....As for writing about different things on the blog you'd be surprised what different things people love to read about. The conversations I have had over the last four years have been a revelation - when I wrote about the house I'd be informed next time I was at a show that I 'should write more about doing up the house', ditto with the chickens 'I love reading about the chickens' I have been told...others tell me they love the pictures taken on and accounts of the walks we have and others really enjoy reading about stuff in the garden. I know I like to aswell. Just agility makes it all a bit dry - fun though it is most of us do have full lives that aren't one track agility lives. Writing my blog has resulted in so many different people stopping me at shows to introduce themselves and chat about the things I have written. They usually start : Hi Helen, you don't know me but I read your blog.....So, if you really want to write about 'other things' I'd do it. You'll meet all sorts of lovely people! H

Jules said...

Aw you've had another fun-filled year and loads more to come in 2012, glad Nellie is coming up North and Becki is doing what she does best :-)

Merry Christmas, it's always nice to read about normal day-to-day stuff too xxxx