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Monday, 21 November 2011

Its all about the Twigster this week.

An incredible week started with a chance meeting, and for Twiggy that was just the start. Whilst training George in a group on Tuesday evening, I couldn't help noticing a little shy looking collie girl, and thinking how much she reminded me of Twiggy when she first arrived with us 18 months ago. Same scared little eyes, and similar twitching, and as I watched her I had a strange feeling I knew her. Fern was also thinking the same thing, and then as the little dog walked across the barn I  noticed she had a short tail and my heart missed a beat. The very first time Twiggys eyes reached out to me from Many Tears web site, her sister & brother were also in the photo, and Wispa as she was then had half a tail. When Fern asked the gentleman handling her if she was a rescue and where had she come from, it was all confirmed. He was thrilled to meet us as he had always wondered where Twiggy had ended up, and Fern and I were gobsmacked and very emotional. Its just a little piece of the jigsaw that makes up Twiggys life, and that means so much to me.
We arranged to meet up on Friday for a walk and to get the girls together for the first time since they parted at the rescue kennels 18 months ago. I was worried that it may remind them both of their horrible past, or that they wouldn't even like each other. They didn't show any real recognition or feelings either way, but my god they were most definitely sisters!! The way they walk, the way they bounced backwards barking waiting for a toy, the way they  pestered the boys as we walked. It was a very emotional and lovely walk and both girls ran and played, with Cove & Dylan through the moors. 
Wispa now called Meg.

Twiggy & Meg. Sisters :-)

Saturday eve, we went out to see a few friends for a drink, even though we really didn't feel up to a night out, and knowing we had to get up at 5.30 the next morning for our last competition of the year. It turned into one of the best evenings we have had for a very long time. Great laughs, and a really good classic rock band live in the pub, we danced and played a lot of air guitar, and didn't leave until 12.30! 
When the alarm went off at 5.30am I swore. I very nearly turned it off and thought we would give the show a miss, but I dragged myself and Rog out of bed, and by 6.30am we were on our way to Dartmoor. The first half hour of the journey was very quiet. Don't think any of us were really awake, and the dogs were all sleeping as even they are not used to such early starts. Once there, we started to come to life and walked the Grade 5-7 agility. It was a weird course, and not very flowing so didn't inspire me or fill me with much confidence, but we then walked the 3-4 jumping and that was a nice course. Quite handly and an odd weave entry and i started to get excited about running Twiggy.
Fern & I queued together with Cove & Twiggy and I went first. As I set her up on the start line she started barking with excitement!! I was so surprised at her confidence, and as I left her in a wait, (albeit a short one she did wait), my confidence was growing too. Halfway round we got to the weaves, our stumbling block in competitions all season, and she went into the first pole and accelerated through all 12, just like she has been doing at home!! I nearly buggered up the tunnel entrance because I was so shocked, but over the last jump and a clear round!!! Twiggy ended up in 8th place. Her first top 10 place and I was close to tears. Cove did a beautiful round after us and won the Grade 4 jumping. 3 weeks in grade 4 and he has two 3rd places and a 1st. Pretty impressive.
Lily & Olli were both nutcases and both got E'd in the agility, but I laughed and as they both did lovely contacts and great weaves I was happy and most of all they both had a ball!
So to the G3/4 agility, and again Twiggy was squeaking and barking at me on the start line. It was a fairly tricky course, and there were hardly any clears, so as we cleared the last obstacle I did jump into the air, and hug my special girl :-) 2 runs and 2 clears. I couldn't believe it but the best was to come. My gorgeous girl was 2nd!! As I went up to collect our trophy I had to swallow hard not to blub a lot but I have probably never felt so much pride. What an amazing way to finish our first season and what an incredible transformation of my nervous little Irish Secret. I am still smiling 24 hrs later.

Cove didn't manage to get round the agility as he was totally freaked out by the people standing watching behind a wall. Silly boy, and although Fern was gutted it was actually funny afterwards. Lily ended the day with a 6th in the Grade 6 jumping, and I was very happy with her run as she stayed very focused and listened. 
So this week is all about my baby girl. Like her Auntie Sharon said, I don't think she is going to be a secret anymore, I think next year everyone will know her as she climbs up the grades. I may even be confident enough now to add getting Twiggy to Olympia next year as one of my goals.


Claire said...

now thats better. Pink for Twiggy. You go girl xx

Jules said...

I remember them both well from the website, Nat's share on FB and your long journey 'up North to Sharon's to pick her up, what a wonderful life she has with you, a perfect match :-)
And then meeting up with her sister too, brilliant!!