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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

So, plans for winter then?

Its that time of year again. 2 more small day shows to go to, but the season has really finished now and like everyone else who is addicted to this game, we now have our winter training plans to sort out.
Actually, that's not strictly true, as I have already booked so much winter training, we really need to try and remember to do other things like see our non dog friends, and maybe some Christmas shopping?! 
I have had to prioritise, and George & Twiggy will be coming first for the next few months. Lily & Olli are both experienced dogs and they will be having a well deserved break through December and most of January, but the two youngsters have loads booked! Jump skills workshops for George all through November, then a trip to the vets for him first week in December to part with his 2 furry friends :-). 

Twiggy has another trip to Stretcholt in December, and I have been working with her 1 to 1 over the last 2 weeks to really put everything I have into building our working relationship. The difference is quite surprising. Dare I say, we now have a wait, not perfect yet but a wait non the less! She also hasn't missed 12 weaves for 2 weeks, attacking them from every angle and completing them with a lot more confidence. Jan, Feb & March they are both doing classes with Jo Tristram, Sian Illingworth, Ant Clarke and Dave Munnings. Full on training for sure! I am determined to become a better handler, and produce 2 talented well balanced dogs for next season.

 Lily & Olli will be doing a few workshops in the new year, and I also want to try and get Lily to grade 7 by the end of the season. Olli has a hill to climb, but who knows. I wouldn't count him out either, but it will be all down to me.
Fern will be aiming for the top with Cove, that sort of goes without saying, and she is also hopeful that Dave will start to compete more. She always said it didn't matter how long it took with Dave and she is still working hard on his training, and will run him at the right shows.
So its pretty obvious that we are not going to give up on this mad, wonderful hobby called Agility, and with that thought in mind we bought a very smart new caravan. The main reason is for the fixed double bed!!! No more converting seating areas for us, just jump into the ready made bed and gaze at the stars through the large sunroof. I have no idea if I can tow it, as it was delivered to us last Sunday, so its a complete mad buy, and most of Rogers little pension fund is now sat on our drive, but you only get one chance to live this life so what the hell. (My Gran will be smiling now!)

Not long til Christmas and long walks in the mud or snow or pouring rain with our lovely dogs, and before we know it, the ISS diary will arrive and we will be frantically getting online to book camping for the best shows and start the madness all over again. I have a feeling there may be some good times ahead and maybe a few parties in the new Caravan, and most of all a hell of a lot of FUN!


Jules said...

Exciting times ahead, winter's a great time to make plans for the next season and hope George doesn't mind being 'tidied up' lol!!! :-)

killergaf said...

It's no wonder I rarely see you - it makes my head spin just reading all about your plans. Still that's my advanced years - I'll say it - you are probably thinking it!! Once again a brilliant blog and a pleasure to read. Hope all your dreams come true. It won't be for want of trying. Love you lots. XX

Claire said...

oh yes 2012 definitely bodes well to be a really great year