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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas is over, and the New Year around the corner.

Happy Christmas to all :-) 
This year for us was a new experience. For the first time in 20 years, we had our Christmas Day lunch at our best friends in their new home. We have always stayed home and been very private on the day, (apart from one year going mad and spending it in Dublin), but this year we decided to change the habit of a lifetime. Christmas morning we got up quite late. (Fern is 20 now so not quite the little girl waking us up at 5am!!) We fed the dogs and then sat around opening pressies, before Rog made scrambled eggs with smoked Salmon for breakfast. That is tradition, along with a glass of sherry. Weird how I never drink the stuff all year, nor do I normally drink in the mornings!! but just this one day it has to be done.

Christmas Breakfast!

Georges first Christmas

Twiggy enjoying the festivities.

George & Twiggy Christmas Morning.

We then walked the dogs, just on the farm fields, before loading them into our van and setting off to Gary & Estelles. 

Olli doing his farm pose :-)

Famous Five :-)
A really fun day with some amazing food, and great laughs. We had bought them a wicker log basket, which they wanted for the new fireplace, so in true silly me style, I decided to fill it with logs from our log shed, and not just that but I individually wrapped a log each for them too :-) That started the afternoon off with some giggles, and that's how it continued. It is so nice to be with great friends, laughing, everyone mucking in, and we actually came home with aching faces!! That's how life should be :-)
Boxing day Ferns best friend and her boyfriend came over and I cooked Goose & Turkey. The goose was lovely, and turkey done in true Jamie Oliver style was the best I have done yet. Fresh herbs chopped and squished by hand into a pound of butter, then pushed up under the skin of the bird before roasting. It was moist and subtly flavoured and we all ate far too much. Ben actually finished his first plate, and then completely filled it again!! Hollow legs!!

Boxing Day lunch.

We have played Xbox Kinnect a few times, both on Christmas day at Garys, and Boxing day Ben brought his over to ours, and I have muscles pulled in places I didn't know I had muscles!!! Always seems fun at the time, and I am far too competitive!! ....but I am also far too bloody old and unfit to flap my arms to fly around popping bubbles, chuck 500 balls at some pins, or do discus and javelin!! Very impressed with the way it works though, and with the keep fit program it has, we are off to buy one in the sales. That and the dancing should sort Fern & I out before agility starts at Easter!!

Hazel & Fern doing hurdles!!!

We have also got my Mums eldest dog staying with us until the New Year. She is 16 years and 3 months old, and we bred her from our first ever collie. Although slightly out of sync when she walks, and stone deaf, she is a remarkably well and happy girl. She knocked me flying as she ran to chase one of our cats across the lawn, has been playing with Twiggy and has told Georgie off a few times!! Its quite funny having her & Becki, with their slight wobble and wonky heads, but we do have to respect these old dogs. Titch was also the first dog Fern ever ran at agility, 11 years ago! I Don't think they ever managed a clear, but they had fun!
Cove looking after our elderly guest.
Its been a busy social time, and we still have a big New Years eve party to go to, and its fancy dress. Cant say what we are going as yet as only the chosen few know, but I am sure there will be plenty of photos to follow. 
Georgie is now a "Non male" and he has been a brilliant patient. I slept with him the first night as he was a bit freaked by the anaesthetic but after day 2 he forgot all about it, and healed so quickly. I did keep him on lead, and do it all properly and it worked. I removed his stitches yesterday, as it would have been Christmas Day that they were due out, and obviously the vets were closed other than emergencies. I have been taking him out on his own, doing heel work, and circle work, and he is such a lovely balanced dog, with an almost perfect temperament. No fears, no hang ups, and with his unique "talking" he will bring a smile to the face of the most miserable!!
Get in the wheelbarrow? Yep ok Mum :-)

 All the rest of the dogs are still enjoying their break, our eqpt is about to be stripped and re coated with rubber, and then training starts mid Jan.
Really looking forward to a new season, new challenges and a lot of fun with my good friends in the agility world. Lots planned, and we have entered our first show! First one of the year has all the Olympia qualifiers, and it will be our first trip in Walter the new, very handsome, very large caravan! :-)
Friends are so important, as are our family, and our dogs, and this Christmas has been all about them all.
Happy New Year to all, and stay safe & happy.


Jules said...

Happy New Year Dani and family and doggies!!! Good luck for 2012 xxxx

Mark Laker said...

Happy New Year Dani, sounds like you had a fun time. See you soon. x

Kirsty said...

Love the pics of the gorgeous pups with the tree. Happy 2012 all. xx

Dani said...

Happy New Year all :-) Thanks for comments. Its always nice to know people actually read my blog! xx