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Monday, 26 July 2010

Dragons, Dragons, Dragons!!

1 of my favourite shows of the season last weekend at Caerphilly. Beautiful grounds, lovely organisation and the chance of 1 of those elusive Dragon trophies! 
It was a beautiful weekend weather wise, almost too hot at times for the dogs, but Lilys new swamp coat helped keep her cool. I have to admit for probably the first time since I started running agility 18 months ago, I felt quietly confident in my dogs. I wouldn't say I was sure I could win a Dragon, but I am starting to realise that I am not a bad handler, and both dogs are so genuine and talented that they will do their best to go clear, and are starting to do so regularly.
The first run on Saturday was a fairly tricky jumping and I decided a clear would be good going. I'd have been happy with just that but Lily started in style and in our first run we had 2nd place and our first Dragon! She went on to get 6th in 1 agility and 4th in the other. 3 out of 3 for Lily and I couldn't be more proud. Then there's Olli, who after weeks of being carried out every agility round cos he misses his contacts, nailed his contacts in his agility runs, and surprised us all with a 2nd place!! Olli won his own Dragon!
Sunday and he did it again, but no Dragon just a 4th place, still amazed. Lily had a brilliant clear in Collie sprint and then a beautiful round in Agility to finish the weekend with a 3rd place and her 2nd Dragon.
Great company, great fun, great show, and most of all great dogs! Wouldn't swap them for the world.

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