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Monday, 19 July 2010

Lows & highs all in 48 hrs

I am emotionally and physically exhausted, so this will be a short blog. My mum suddenly and very unexpectedly was rushed to hospital on Friday eve with stomach pains. At 3am Saturday morning she was operated on for a ruptured bowel, and was very lucky to be alive. My brother drove through the night down from Norfolk, and we spent Saturday, settling my 92 yr old Gran into a care home as my mum is her full time carer, then sitting with mum as she came round from anaesthetic. Obviously I missed Roseland show on Saturday so no more qualifiers in ABC for Olli.
My mum was awake enough to tell me to go to the show Sunday at South Devon, and as there was nothing else I could do I decided to drag myself out of bed and go. My close agility friends were all there and all very concerned about my mum and me, but I couldn't accept a hug as I would've cried in an instant.
I ran Olli & Lily in the jumping and was amazed to go clear with them both, but even more amazed when Olli was 6th and Lily won!!!! The flood waters opened and I cried like a pillock. Then hugged everybody! Only 1 more jumping win and Lily would be grade 6 and i was thinking about the shows that are coming up over the next month and whether she would manage it before the end of the season. I needn't have worried. With what I can only say was probably our best run ever, we sailed around the agility like clockwork and won it by 3.80 seconds!!!! Yep I cried again. Lily Fudge Cake is still the most genuine, wonderfully mental, talented dog and is now Grade 6!!!
Fern & I stopped off at the hospital on the way back and as we walked into the ward, carrying my trophy and rosette, mums face lit up. I did it for her, and boy didn't we bloody nail it!!!!!!!!!!
Mum has improved drastically over the last 24 hrs, so maybe I will sleep tonight. I look and feel about 90, until I look at Lily, grin like a Cheshire cat and that wave of pride takes over.


Kirsty said...

Gosh Dani, I hope your mum's feeling much better now.
Grade 6, amazing stuff!!! x

Dani said...

Thanks Kirsty. Mum still in hopsital and taking time to get over this :-(
Grade 6 is pretty scary but am thrilled thankyou xx