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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Madness and lack of time.

Sorry but I haven't got the time to scratch my proverbial at the moment. Mum still in hospital, work is busy as ever, and I feel about 80 at the moment, but just to say that on top of Lily going to Grade 6 2 weeks ago, she won the Novice Qualifier at Agility Club show last weekend and has qualified for the Olympia Semi finals in Birmingham.
In amongst all the madness, my dogs chill me out and make me smile and laugh constantly. Lily is amazing and I love her to bits, Olli is also stunningly lovely and doing so well, (7th in the same qualifier!), Twiggy is irresistible and I cant remember what it was like without her, as she continues to amaze me with her fun, happy, cheeky, bright nature and total devotion to me, Cove is continuing to be THE nicest Collie boy ever, extremely loving, kind, talented and Fern has lots to look forward to with him, and even Dave is looking like at nearly 2 yrs old he may be ready to try competing.
Becki & Stan are still the loveliest dogs, at 13 yrs old each, and both being rescues they have adapted to the madness of agility life brilliantly, and the Feroda camp wouldn't be the same without them.
Thank you dogs :-)

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