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Monday, 14 June 2010

Trying to find the positives.

It was sad leaving home on Friday setting off to Thames because Roger had to work the weekend so couldn't come with us. I always feel like a bit of me missing when Rog not with me, but I had Fern and Luke for company, and the 7 dogs of course so we arrived in warm sunshine and set up camp. It was the first time for a while that we actually camped with a group of friends, all from our club, so Friday I invited them all round and we had a barbie. It was fun and a good start to the weekend.
Saturday both dogs had 3 runs each, 2 agility and 1 jumping and we had a lot of mistakes. Olli missing weaves, knocking poles and Lily leaping off her A frame without a glance at "the white bit" and me losing my way in the jumping. Rubbish start but I managed to get both dogs round the 3-5 Agility clear with Lily ending up 14th thanks to me losing a few seconds concentration at the last 2 fences.
Sunday and Olli had 5 faults in jumping with Fern, 5 faults in the KC Olympia Q with Fern and eliminated in the agility. Lily had a good clear but unplaced in 5-7 jumping, 10 faults in G5 Agility and 5 faults in the Qualifier. I was dissappointed as her time in the qualifier was 2nd place.
All in all, both dogs made silly mistakes, missing contacts and not 100% focused and I felt deflated.
So to the positives.
Lilys weaves are still perfect, from any angle and very fast. Her turns are also tightening up when I give her the right cues, and she has only been Grade 5 for a few weeks so not doing bad at all. She is still my star girl.
Olli has amazing weaves now too, 99 times out of 100, and his turns are incredible. He also manages to make us laugh on a regular basis with his capers!
Twiggy now enjoys walking around the rings, tail up and ears pricked now, and will happily play tuggy with me regardless of the crowds and dogs around her, and managed to cope with our friends round for the barbie on Friday, even saying hello quite confidently. She is blossoming into a lovely cheeky happy girl.
Dave also queued calmly to be measured, and he is a medium. He then sat between 2 very busy rings and didn't go off on one! Focused on Fern and walked around like he has suddenly grown up.
Cove is turning into a very lovely, obedient intelligent boy, who totally loves Fern, and although quite mental at the rings, it is pure excitement and drive, which is fab to see.
A lot of our friends did very well over the weekend, some qualifying for Olympia semis, and winning up the grades, and it was lovely to share that with them.
So its all experience, and Thames is now over. Next show to concentrate on now in Worcester this weekend, where we will try it all again!

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