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Monday, 21 June 2010

The spanner has turned!!

Beautiful weather and a nice show at Golden Valley Worcester. The camping was a bit close together, but luckily we had nice neighbours so it was ok.

Set up and settled to watch England game Friday eve and it was a bit pants. Our flags were flying, but England just couldn't get that win we so want them to get.

Saturday and Lily was ace, stopping on her contacts and placed 6th in Grade 5 agility!

Olli also clear but by the skin of his teeth on his contacts, and unplaced. We then had Grade 4/5 jumping and both dogs had good clears, but I have to say Olli's run was probably the best yet. I had goose bumps as he cleared the last, and he beat Lily by 2.5 seconds!!!! Olli 10th, Lily unplaced, and at only his 2nd Grade 4 show, 170 dogs in the class, half of which were grade 5!!

Sunday and Olli was naughty with contacts so removed from the ring, but again went into the jumping like a bullet, and once again beat Lily to 14th place!! He was amazing to run. Just need to sort out his contact work and I don't think he will hang around in Grade 4.
Lily had a pole in Agility but again held her contacts so I was very pleased.
Dave and Cove were both good boys for Fern, with Dave coping with a very busy ringside, almost calmly!!

Twiggy was just Twiggy. Sweet, fun, easy and loads more confidence around the rings. Really pleased with her continued progress and lovely giving personality.

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